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Please be advised that problems with the programs that you may be using on your computer is the responsibility of the vendor supplying you those programs. Technically, and its affiliates provide connectivity between your computer or location and the Internet. If you're unable to get vendor support for your software, we may be able to assist you on a "courtesy basis". If you require help with connectivity, please call our tech support at (808) 591-8585.

For ADSL customers, please perform the following check before calling tech support:
  • Make sure your DSL Router/modem is plugged in and all appropriate lights are on and in a normal state.
  • If not, power OFF the DSL Router/modem. Turn OFF your computer by following the normal power down procedure as recommened by your computer manufactuer or operating system. Then power ON your your DSL Router/modem. Wait for the modem to get to its normal operating mode. i.e. all lights are on. Turn ON your computer. Try to get onto the Internet.
  • If the above procedure does not work it usually indicates the connection via HawaiianTel is faulty. Call tech support at (808) 591-8585 for assistance.

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